Directions related to formats of images and samples by which programs are to be designed


If you e-mail images or logos in PC vector format, make sure that
images are transformed into appropriate data.
*Images can be sent or brought on a diskette or CD, in .jpg format.
*If you bring your image on paper it should be of sufficient quality
and size.
* Make sure to emphasize wished size of program or position where
you want your motive made (on which part of clothing).
*We do not design program by hand-drawn images (unless wished
motive is supposed to look that way).

For all the information regarding programs for embroidery and embroidery itself, please contact us any time. We will be glad to meet your requirements.
The same works for work clothing design…if pictures of models are not sufficient, do not hesitate to phone or visit us and see them.
We provide clothes for staff of more than 500 companies and new business partners are contacting us every day. This means that our
work clothes are made of high-quality materials and, with our qualitative design, is worn with pleasure and last long.
Clothes are designed for all sorts of professions: people in construction, mechanics, bakers, chimney sweepers, welders, electricians,
shop assistants, painters, dentists, doctors, nurses, etc.
Clothes are delivered personally or by mail, bus or special delivery.
In other words, we are always at your service, at any time of day, because everything we do is for you who need us for work clothes
or embroidery.

For all further information regarding our assortment fill in the form
and we will reply it as soon as possible.



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